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Printing Tutorials

The Director's Print Suite Software offers you products from three different lines of products. To view a video to help you print, please click on the name of the type of product you want to print from. A brief description of each has been provided to help you if you are unsure of which section you need to use.

Standard Pre-Printed Stationery

Traditional Paper Products

Print-on-Demand Stationery

Blank, micro-perfed paper.

Premium Pre-Printed Stationery

Coordinated, pre-printed, product designs.

Software Tutorials

Get help with Bass-Mollett software with one of the use of an online Flipbook Manual, through the use of one of our helpful Video Tutorials, or download one of the PDF Tutorials, great for anytime access and are setup for printing and easy read.

Flipbook Tutorial

Video Tutorial

PDF Tutorial