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  • The Frigid Embalming Machine The Frigid Embalming Machine The Frigid Embalming Machine The Frigid Embalming Machine

    Frigid Fluid ®

    The Frigid Embalming Machine

    The Frigid Embalming Machine Features: Embalm with your fluid of choice. The Frigid Ultra - Sonic has the ability to utilize the harshest products on the market, even phenols and high index cavity fluids. Embalm worry-free!...

  • Rubber Head Block ADJUBLOC-B

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Rubber Head Block

    Durable black rubber headrest that can be used as an arm or leg rest as well as a dressing block.

  • Perfect Tone PERFTONE

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Perfect Tone

    A lower index fluid that offers:• The distribution advantages of silicone.• The softening effect of lanolin.• A pliable, smooth, life-like appearance.• A medium firm texture.• No dehydration risk. 24 case of 16 oz / 473 ml bottles

  • Feature Builder FEATB

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Feature Builder

    • Congeals rapidly to make tissue building quicker and easier.• Expands more fully to eliminate uneven application problems.• Especially useful for rebuilding damaged facial features. FEATB 16 oz / 473ml

  • Leak Guard LEAKG

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Leak Guard

    • Specifically designed to prevent leakage of body fluids and to pull excessive moisture from the body through the combination of an effective pore closer, a proven moisture reducer, a tissue hardener, and an effective firming agent for jaundice...

  • Formalin Cream CREAFORM

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Formalin Cream

    • A surface embalming cream that penetrates deep into tissue to preserve and disinfect. • Control tissue hardness precisely by varying the quantity used and the period it is in contact with the body. • Light pink color will not stain...

  • Velva Cream CREAVELV

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Velva Cream

    • Used externally to retain moisture in the skin, giving it a smooth, velvety texture, and to eliminate wrinkles.• Velva Cream can also be employed with cotton when forming mouth features to prevent dehydration of the lips and on the surface of...

  • Premium Jaundice PREMJAUN

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Premium Jaundice

    • Includes multiple agents to promote distribution throughout the body for effective flushing and bleaching of bilirubin, the pigment responsible for the yellowing tissue.• Contains a low level of formaldehyde (8 index) so that large volumes of...

  • Water Clot Guard WATCLOTG

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Water Clot Guard

    • For outstanding control of hard water salts, which are frequently the cause of a blotchy appearance and fading color.• Hard water salts work against the embalmer and the arterial fluids by:• Reacting with some of the dyes to reduce or...

  • Flotone

    Frigid Fluid ®


    • A unified, multi-balanced, general purpose arterial fluid for medium-firm results.• Contains three disinfectants and three preservative agents.• Modified to prevent dehydration, giving a soft appearance.• Special buffers hold...

  • Tissue Guard 32 TISSG32

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Tissue Guard 32

    For use in place of “36 Plus” where the prep room is attached to a septic system.• Armed with a particularly effective wetting agent that assures thorough distribution and deep penetration of body tissues for lasting preservation.•...

  • Natural Tone NATTONE

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Natural Tone

    Silicone Technology combined with:• Mild but very effective buffers.• The addition of humectants.• A cosmetic effect that furnishes a uniform, life-like texture and color to the skin with a natural feel that is soft and smooth. 24 case of...

  • Cavity 55 CAV55

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Cavity 55

     A low odor cavity fluid with especially good disinfection and deodorizing capability. • Features four proven preservatives and disinfectants. • Quickly penetrates to areas where putrefaction and odor production are taking place and stops...

  • Plasma Flo PLASFLO

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Plasma Flo

    PRE-INJECTION• For embalming bodies when congealed and clotted blood is anticipated. Clears and prepares the vascular system for optimum fluid distribution and penetration.• Its special alkaline formula loosens and breaks up coagulated blood so...

  • Premium Cavity PREMCAV

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Premium Cavity

    • Low odor cavity fluid providing:• Excellent deep penetration.• Effective preservation.• Broad spectrum disinfection.• Contains “Frigid STOP” to control tissue gas and vermin.• Excellent disinfectant properties...

  • Rigid

    Frigid Fluid ®


    Well suited where a firm, well-preserved body is desired.• Includes a unique blend of buffers, humectants and plasticizers to odify the harshness of formaldehyde.• Ideal for aggressive applications, especially advanced cancer (counteracts...

  • Cavity King CAVKING

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Cavity King

    Quick action with excellent penetration and dispersion for maximum protection.• At 25 index this cavity fluid furnishes excellent preservative power to protect against visceral putrefaction and odor.• Highly recommended when circulation is...

  • Paulex Powder PAULPOWD1 Single Paulex Powder PAULPOWD1

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Paulex Powder

    • A fine powder containing paraformaldehyde.• Use it to pack orifices, eliminate odors, or as a hardening compound.• Also for cancer cases, edema, gangrene, infection, burning, drowning, and stillbirth.• It is great for cremations,...

  • 36 Plus Silicone Based Arterial Fluid

    Frigid Fluid ®

    36 Plus Silicone Based Arterial Fluid

    Frigid Fluid’s “Silicone Technology” enhances the results you can attain with arterial fluids. The silicone advantage is delivered through a family of four arterial fluids. Our Best Selling Fluid.36 PLUS® assures preservation and...

  • Orifice Guard ORIFG

    Frigid Fluid ®

    Orifice Guard

    • An effective disinfectant for pre-embalming treatment of the eyes, mouth, nose, and other parts of the body where surface disinfection may be necessary.• Contains a generous amount of isopropyl alcohol, as well as additional disinfectants,...

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