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Meet the Staff

Business Leaders

  • John Flowers CEO
  • John Flowers
  • Tadd Flowers Vice President of Operations
    VP Operations
  • Tadd Flowers
  • Duane Mollett VP IT
    VP IT
  • Duane Mollett


  • Kim Bingham National Accounts
    National Accounts
  • Kim Bingham
  • April Watson Managerial Accountant
  • April Watson
  • Harold Wells Manager of Purchasing
    Purchasing & Procurement
  • Harold Wells
  • Angie Helige Manger of Warehousing & Purchasing
    Warehousing & Purchasing
  • Angie Helige
  • Laura Knackstedt Manager of Production
  • Laura Knackstedt
  • Amy Mueller Manager of Order Department & Customer Service
    Order Dept. & Cust. Serv.
  • Amy Mueller
  • Monica Barnhardt Graphic Design Team and Print Shop
    Graphic Design & Print Shop
  • Monica Barnhart
  • Kyle Washburn Team Leader of Warehouse
    Team Leader: Warehouse
  • Kyle Washburn

Customer Care Team

  • Linda Lagant Order Processing
    CCT Representative
  • Linda Lagant
  • Chrisy Campbell Order Processing
    CCT Representative
  • Chrisy Campbell
  • Cindy Roach Customer Service
    CCT Representative
  • Cindy Roach
  • Brandy Johnson Customer Service
    CCT Representative
  • Brandy Johnson
  • Angie Kuepfer Customer Service
    CCT Representative
  • Angie Kuepfer
  • Charlotte Smith Customer Service
    CCT Representative
  • Charlotte Smith

Software Support Team

  • Brianna Westfall Information Technology and Technical Support
    IT & Tech Support
  • Brianna Westfall
  • Scott Williams Information Technology and Technical Support
    IT & Tech Support
  • Scott Williams
  • Kye Caruso Outside Technical Sales
    Outside Technical Sales
  • Kye Caruso

Graphic Design Team

  • Diane Davidson Graphic Design
    Graphic Design
  • Diane Davidson
  • Jennifer Voss Graphic Design
    Graphic Design
  • Jennifer Voss
  • Jeanna Haag Web Design and Development
    360° Marketing Associate
  • Jeanna Haag


  • Vicki Miller Financial Analyst
    Financial Analyst
  • Vicki Miller